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Hormone Health & The power of yoga

At feminine balance we believe in the power of Yoga and offer a variety of programs.

Yoga retreats, Hormone Health Coaching, Hormone Yoga Therapy workshops and Yoga teacher trainings. All of our programs are available online and in person.

Yoga Teacher Training

200h Yoga teacher training

It’s 21 days on paradise island Koh Phangan!
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Hormone Yoga Therapy

Hormone Yoga Therapy

Balance your life
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A Yoga Retreat in Pachawa

Yoga Retreats

Reconnect and Rebalance in Portugal
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The power of Hormone Yoga therapy is incredible.

Hormone Yoga therapy is an effective way to deal with hormonal issues. It helps to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

It’s not just about looking good on the outside – Hormone Yoga therapy can help you feel better on the inside too

At feminine balance, we believe in the power of Yoga—and we help you find your purpose and unlock your best life by using the body’s own natural rhythms to restore balance and create harmony. 

Discover the power of Hormone Yoga therapy today!


I’m Mika, the founder of feminine balance and a certified yoga instructor with more than 600 hours of training and 8 years of teaching experience. 

I believe in the power of mindful movement to transform your life. That’s why I founded feminine balance: to provide you with easy access to the tools you need to create a healthier relationship with yourself and your body—and feel more confident in who you are as a person!

I believe that it’s possible, to live a healthy yogic lifestyle and to enjoy the amenities from modern, digital world in a mindful way.

Create the life you wanna live!

For more information send an email to Mika : [email protected]

Hey there! I'm Mika. I am a modern online and offline yoga school teacher and I teach the most exciting, fun and hip classes around. Come join me!


We know how challenging it can be to feel in control of your life, especially when you’re dealing with hormone imbalances and other symptoms that can make you feel less like yourself. It’s time to reclaim your power and start feeling confident again.


Hormone Yoga therapy is an intense exercise series for all woman to reactivate and balance the hormone level in a natural way. These exercises are designed to help you get back in touch with your femininity, so that you can feel like yourself again: confident, energetic, and happy!


Go bold, go natural, and find your feminine power with hormone yoga therapy!

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