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How Hormone Yoga changed my life

I am practicing Yoga since many years and the first time I got in touch with Hormone Yoga is already a few years ago.

It was a workshop in Munich I attended and then started to practice at home for some time. The reason I joined the workshop at first was that I stopped taking the birth control pill and didn’t return to my period.

But I was a little lazy those days and I didn’t have the knowledge I have now. After some time I didn’t bother so much that I didn’t have my menstruation. In fact I thought it was actually quite nice without, because I didn’t wanna have kids and was also happy not to have any side effects of being on my period.

My mood was more or less constantly the same, my libido was low, I had the skin of a teenager but I just didn’t know how to balance my hormones.

Asking my gynecologist for help wasn’t successful as he just recommended to go back on the pill. Unfortunately I heard this many times from other woman.

That’s not helpful at all ! You wanna get back to ovulation and menstruation and they’re recommending the pill ? The hormonal birth control pill stops ovulation and the period is a withdrawal bleeding not your normal menstruation.

It took me two years to have my period again. What a long and unnecessary journey.

Unfortunately I forgot about the practice of Hormone Yoga Therapy as I did not know how powerful it can be.

A few years later I found myself discovering my body on a new level. The insights of Yoga, the inner seasons, menstrual magic and the study of the hormones brought my excitement up to do more research. And there I found Dinah Rodriguez again, the founder of Hormone Yoga Therapy. This time I was ready to investigate and to learn to help other woman. I had to study with her. I signed up for her Hormone Yoga Therapy teacher training and from there on everything changed.

During the course I had of course to study and to practice a lot. People started saying that I look very relaxed and that I was shining from the inside out. At first I didn’t think it would have anything to do with my new practice. But then my partner was asking if I wasn’t already in my PMS state. He was right ! I wasn’t as moody, tempered and irritated as I usually would be before my period. I felt contentment.

My cycle is usually very unpredictable and mostly quite long. After only two month of continuous practice I was able to regulate my cycle. Of course it’s not the magic pill and still feel my period coming but it’s a huge relief.

I am 40 years old now and I wanna be prepared for the time of peri-menopause and menopause. We don’t need to suffer if we learn the right tools.

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