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How to realize your dreams

If you want to know how to realize your dreams the first, and for some the hardest task, is to define what’s the dream you’re chasing. Only afterwards you can start to make a plan and take the first steps towards the realization of your dream.


How to find your dream

Find out, what really drives you (yes there is a recommendable book with this name from Daniel Pink). Find out, what you’re really good in and how you’d like to spend the next years or even the rest of your life. 

For me it was a cloudy idea for more than five years – working more with and especially for people. Only now, with being a futurehippie and coach I realized this wish.

For some it’s hard to describe their dreams and goals. Let’s describe two major ways of dealing with that:


  • Develop your goal while your’re walking

Basically that means, that you „just“ start your journey and the rest will develop over time. With every small step you make, every intermediate goal you realize your picture will get clearer and clearer. And the good thing is, while you’re working on your „big picture“ you can directly test it, and see how it feels. And without a fixed goal from the start, it’s easier to adjust your priorities and ways.


  • Create a Visionboard or something similar

Sometimes a Visionboard ( or a simple list will help you to have a clearer understanding of your needs, wishes and dreams.

Get things in order – from short-term goals to long-term targets. Things you need to do and things you might or might not do. Countries or places you’d like to see…

If you’d like to combine yoga and planning your next steps you might consider a retreat with us (e.g. 15 Days Become the best version of yourself – or have a look at the page of the talented Maren from Malayo if there is a workshop nearby (


How to realize your dream

  • Trust in yourself

To me, this is the most important factor. This is all about you and your goals in life. Trust your instinct, your abilities and then jump. You might fail or get a different outcome than expected but at least you’re on your way. And that big, first step is always the hardest.


  • Have a network

What do I mean with that? Getting support might be needed along your way to self realization. And that help can have different forms – it can be a helping hand, constructive suggestions to your business plan, an idea, an open ear or something so basic like a couch to sleep on.

Start growing your network today. It became clear to me when I read „Never eat alone“ by Keith Ferrazzi.

I guess, most of us know the usual „business lunch“ where you keep talking about work and projects. Make these lunch dates more valuable and more personal. Meet colleagues from different divisions, broaden your horizon and connect with people. One day you might be or know the right person to support their project or dream – or vice versa.

A network can support you with information, with new contacts or just be an incentive to stick to your plan. Sometimes you just need to meet the right person, someone with the same vision.


  • It doesn’t need to be forever ever

Some of us are frightened to realize their dream because they think, they have to stick to it, no matter if they like what they found or not. The good thing is, you don’t. If you find out, that the place doesn’t feel right, or the task or both feel free to change. Maybe you lose some time and/or money. But you understood yourself much better and made an experience you can profit from. 


Find your level of security / independence

Having said that, I can hear your concerns when it comes to money and security. This „I would, but I have to pay the rent, food…“ etc.

Alan Watts once asked „what if money was no object“. Maybe that’s a step too far, but I would assume, that there is always a way to find a trade-off between security and freedom. A way of financing your dream. Realizing your dream is not a digital thing (0 or 1) it starts with the first step and you take baby steps towards your dream. And maybe you start with a sabbatical / gap year  and „test“ your idea. Sublease your flat so you can always come back to your home. Let’s call it „controlled insecurity“.


Today, more and more creative ideas for „new work“ are born to change structures and work (time) models. Digital nomads, job sharing, job rotation to only name a few. Have you ever heard about „Tandemploy“ ( and their creative approach? It’s definitely worth a look! 


Speaking about digital nomads – maybe becoming a DNX is your thing. Living the live you wanna live, travel and working from abroad.


If you need some support to reach your dreams or just improve your life, I’m more than happy to help you.


Just drop us a message and arrange your first coaching session!


Love & light