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Yoga retreat to dive deep

If you look through the internet, you’ll find tons of Yoga retreats these days. From a short break to deep dives, detox retreats to super intense week-long retreats, everything is possible. Find the right yoga retreat to dive deep and get the most out of your stay. The other day I joined a conversation with travellers about joining a retreat or going to Yoga classes. 


Yoga Retreats or Drop-in Classes?

The conversation was about saving money because they found that yoga retreats are super expensive. Instead of a retreat, they try to create their own schedule, go from one studio to another. I absolutely understand that money can be an issue if you’re travelling on a budget. In this conversation, it felt like yoga resort owners were taking advantage of travellers, and that retreats were more a rip-off than a great experience.


From Luxury to Basic

Of course you can pay a fortune in a five-star hotel with massages and Yoga classes included, but if you keep a lookout, you’ll find affordable retreats as well. We offer, for example, the option to sleep in a tent if you’re on a budget. Some other resorts  give you a discount if you share a room.

Another way to save money is with direct booking. Every owner will appreciate it if you send them a direct message asking for a discount rather than booking with a booking portal. The commission hotels / hostels and Yoga retreats pay to those portals can be quite high.


Why do a Retreat? 

It sounds tempting to avoid costs and to design your schedule by yourself, but if you’re not a yoga teacher, you won’t know how to put different classes together.

We design the week and schedule so that the physical, spiritual and mental body is challenged and has time to relax. One day we may focus more on backbends, and the next day we include meditation for the heart and provide space to hold you. A group of people in a retreat can be a wonderful space to support you and to dive deep.


Yoga Retreat Dive Deep 

What does diving deep mean? If you’re going to a drop-in class, you’re mostly touching a topic on the surface. Maybe afterwards you think about it a bit, but then you go back to your routine and daily tasks.

In a retreat, you have time and space to work on yourself. You can ask yourself the right questions. Maybe we will ask you the right questions. This will help you to develop yourself. Sometimes you need to cry and to reflect before you’re ready to open the next chapter, and sometimes you don’t know where to go or what to do next.

Making time for yourself and like-minded people will help you find the answers.



Yes, we call futurehippie a yoga retreat centre, but maybe we should say, Yoga holidays in nature and time for yourself and like-minded people. What we really try to do is to show people how to integrate yoga into a very basic normal lifestyle. There’s nothing bad about a retreat where you’re busy from the time you get up until the evening. It’s just not futurehippie. We provide a program which will give you some structure, and encourage you to take some time for yourself or explore the island.


For us it’s important to have everything in moderation and to stay as relaxed as possible.


Let’s enjoy life.

Be a role model.

Take care of yourself and others.

Do something good every day.

Be kind.

And continue the list for yourself.


With love