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Hormone Yoga Flow

Are you noticing that your body and hormones are changing? Do you want to get back to a place of balance and joy?

Living a cyclical lifestyle in combination with Hormone Yoga Therapy is the most natural and effective way to find the balance you are looking for. The symptoms of low hormones can have bad effects on our self esteem and bring anxiety & insecurity. Infertility, PMS, PCOS or irregular cycles is caused by a disbalance of the overall hormonal level. Reasons can be hormonal birth control, extreme diets, stress, extreme sports, hormonal disruptors or genetic reasons.

Hormone Yoga therapy is an exercise series to reactivate and balance the hormone level in a natural way. It is highly effective for woman in Menopause, Pre-menopause, the wish of conceiving, woman with irregular cycles, PCOS or PMS. 

Learn the practice of Hormone Yoga Therapy including Anti-Stress-Techniques and relaxing Pranayama. Bonus in this course: The practice of Hormone Yoga Flow. This is a combination of Vinyasa Flow and Hormone Yoga Therapy, if you wanna spice up your practice.

Balance your hormones through Yoga!


  • balances the hormones naturally 
  • improves fertility
  • reduced hot flashes 
  • supports the nervous system, libido, skin & hair, metabolism, sleep and energy
  • regulates your periods
  • reduces PMS and period pain

Balance your hormones naturally through Hormone Yoga therapy and Hormone Yoga Flow. Release stress, build a mind-body connection, be physical active, improve your blood circulation and regulate your cycle.

The course is designed for every woman who is willed to take action improving on hormonal health.

Wether you’re suffering from symptoms of low hormones, infertility, PCOS, PMS or you’re just curious about Hormone Yoga.

The course starts whenever you are ready. We changed the format from this course from group calls to prerecorded videos so that you can practice whenever it suits you.

We hear you. That’s why we redesigned the course. All modules are free from day one and you decide when you wanna watch them. You have 6 month to complete the course and you can also download the material to rewatch it.

All you really need is a computer / laptop / pad or phone plus, of course, an internet connection. For the yoga lessons you will need comfortable clothing, a yoga or exercise mat and one pillow.