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What’s a hippie life in 2019?

When we thought about the name for our retreat center it didn’t take long and futurehippie was born. It started with a joke because I said always to Rayk that I’m too hippie to go to certain restaurants or clubs when we were chatting about visiting friends in Germany. He replied that I don’t really look like a real hippie…. so this discussion about being a hippie, feeling like a hippie went on and by the end we decided that we’re both “futurehippies”. So what does it mean ?

The hippie life in modern society means for me that I allow myself a lot of freedom. Having this Yogaretreat on Koh Samui gives me the opportunity to walk barefoot as much as I want. I can dress however I want and don’t have to worry that my pants or shirts are having holes. If I wanna wear Make-up I do but if not, nobody cares. Sharing my passion and beliefs with others is such a privilege that I can’t think of doing anything else anymore.
The hippie community was growing earlier days because people wanted to have a free will, the choice to do, speak and to think different than others. They consumed lots of drugs, celebrated free love and some of them didn’t care about their hair and hygienic standards at all anymore. Because of these things I can’t call myself a real hippie. The desire of freedom is in me and I know that many people feel the same way.
Our tribe, parents and friends told us what’s right and wrong and we created our belief system. It can be quite refreshing to question your own beliefs. Is it really what you want or sometimes just the “should” or “shouldn’t” phrase we’re using.
To break free is scary in the beginning and it takes lots of courage to stand out of the crowd. 

We have many digital nomads coming to our place and starting a new career. They’re using the peaceful environment to create the vision and plan how they wanna spent the rest of their life. Finding out what they truly want or to already get some work done in-between the Yoga classes. We like to give our guests the space to create their personal retreat. If someone needs more attention or guidance we will be there. If someone needs time for themselves the space is there.

As a hippie in 2019

☮️  I’m using WIFI

☮️  I practice Yoga and Meditation

☮️  I’m on social media

☮️  I have holes in my clothes and walk barefoot whenever I can

☮️  I like modern amenities 

☮️  I love nature

☮️  I allow myself to be different

I’m wishing you that you’re living the life you desire

with love