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Things to do on Ko Samui

We have to admit we haven’t done all the fun things we planned to do when we came to Koh Samui. Right from the beginning we were busy with renovations and setting up our company. Sunday is now more or less our day off.  Which means that we offer breakfast on Sunday mornings to our guests and once we clean up the kitchen, we do our weekly big shopping trip for groceries. Fruits and veggies we buy fresh from the market every few days but the big shopping trip is once a week.

The rest of Sunday is free. Sometimes we’re just super tired and don’t do anything but every now and then we can motivate ourselves to find something fun to do on Koh Samui.

Rayk and I are not the classical tourists and we will only recommend things we have done ourselves or that our guests enjoyed. There are still tour guides on the island who will offer animal abuse shows and farms, for example, elephant riding, tiger petting, snake shows, monkey shows, etc. Please do not support these events.

Support local animal shelter

If you’re interested in animals, you can go to the Samui Elephant Sanctuary  or one of the animal rescue centers, like Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation Ban Taling Ngam which is just around the corner from futurehippie. They appreciate help and are constantly looking for volunteers. Why not give back to the community on your holidays?

Tours on and around the island

If you still want to  take a tour,  we recommend  you go with Secret Samui Tours. They offer vegan jeep safaris and will take you to the jungle, waterfalls, and temples. There’s a lot to see on Samui if you like this kind of activities.

I once joined our guests on a snorkeling trip with one of our friends who has a long-tail boat. Suni is a local fisherman, speaks fantastic English and can show you the five islands, Koh Madsun, and beautiful snorkeling destinations.

Koh Samui also has many beautiful places that you don’t want to miss. One such place is in Lamai. There is a great restaurant in Lamai that just upgraded their selections with a vegan menu. It is the perfect spot for lunch to enjoy an amazing view of Lamai.

Thailand is for sure the country to get a good massage or any other spa treatment. We really love to go to Cyan Spa in Fisherman’s Village. That’s quite far from futurehippie but if you want to cruise around the island anyway, we highly recommend you make a stopover there.

Renting a scooter is the easiest and most convenient way to explore the island.

If you want to stop for lunch or dinner, I recommend my favorite restaurants and cafés.

Favorites around the island

  1. Funky Vege in Tong Kruk
  2. Sweet Sisters in Tong Kruk
  3. Pure Vegan Heaven in Lamai
  4. Lamai Veggie in Lamai
  5. The Yogarden in Fishermans Village
  6. Elysia at Fisherman’s Village
  7. The Road Less Traveled in Nathon
  8. The Art Club in Nathon!!!
  9. I-talay in Taling Ngam
  10. and of course I love to eat at home at futurehippie café 🙂

These are my favorite vegan cafés in Koh Samui.

If you have seen enough on Samui, why not go island hopping for a day or two. Koh Phangan and Koh Tao are really close by and both are truly beautiful islands.

And one last recommendation: don’t load up your days with too many activities – enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Happy holidays