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Nowadays, the suffering of depression and burnout is becoming far more common for people, even among those in their mid to late twenties. That’s one of the reasons why we offer coaching at futurehippie!


When I started working with my coach, the diagnosis was alarming – I was heading either for a burnout or a mild depression. I could choose the path I was walking down, so we started working on my issues.


Burnout as a Social Disease

Let’s start with burnout. There are two reasons I see as the cause of burnout. The first is the chasing of success, money, or appreciation. All of that often chased in the form of a career or running from project to project. We are always looking for the next challenge, attempting to feel like our goal of success is being achieved. The second reason is keeping constantly busy to fill an emptiness that we don’t want to face, or even worse, don’t want to feel.

At least, those were the reasons driving me, back in my days in the corporate world. I reached all of these “goals’’ and achieved what I thought was “success’’, though this career still didn’t fulfil me or meet my expectations of a healthy work environment.



The reasons for burnout are also the basis for the second issue – depression. If I’m not happy with my work or the way I’m living, it upsets me. In my case, it brought me slowly but steadily to a point where I questioned it all.

I was stuck in a cycle of earning money to buy things. To spend it in any way to reward myself for all the hard work I had done to earn it. But these rewards were not fulfilling me, just as my career was not.

As this often goes hand in hand, it’s necessary to get the full picture and see the coherences.

Now that’s the starting point of my coaching at futurehippie with guests. Through coaching, we have a look at their lives to identify their wishes and needs. The first important step is not only to notice that something feels wrong – that has usually happened weeks or months ago. It’s more important, to speak it out loud. When spoken, it’s in the world, and it has a right to be there.


Start your change with a coaching

One of the most impressive changes, I was lucky enough to participate in, was with a wonderful woman in her mid-thirties. She was successful in what she was doing, but with her long days at work, she was not really happy. And her private life did not really exist. She talked about her time-limited ability to offer yoga classes and share her love for yoga.

What did we find during our sessions? We found many reasons why it is “impossible” to change things such as security, money, and how others see her. We discussed dreams about the life she once wanted to live but decided to give up, to take the “the safe way” instead, and we discovered a lot of doubts, patterns and beliefs.

Nevertheless, the night after the first session, she started to change things. Step by step, she worked to get her life back. She took action and instantly, things changed, especially how people reacted to her. The best thing was how she won her smile and her vulnerability back.


It’s a Sign of Strength to Ask for a Helping Hand

I’m always impressed to see how coachees have the courage to start to change their lives after a coaching at futurehippie. Not only to say it but to realise that they themselves can change their lives. And I’m grateful to work with them in that stage of their life, to question views, share my own experiences and try to find alternatives for action. Maybe life coaching is a big word for that – but it’s nothing less than changing your own private and work-related life.

And it helps me realise how much I love what I’m doing – being a coach in our own retreat. When people leave us happy and with lots of new energy and ideas, it makes me proud that our idea is working out – giving people a home away from home and offering the support they need at this very moment.


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