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How yoga changed my life

In the last months I came across the thought how yoga changed my life a few times. Here I’d like to share a part of this journey with you.

I began practising yoga with a DVD in front of my TV. I just wanted to try something new and find out more about yoga, but looking back, it was the beginning of a journey to myself.

It was only five years ago in 2014 when I began practising yoga on a regular basis. Yoga was part of the Yoga & Surf retreat I stayed at, and I was lucky enough to have Sybi as my teacher. Sybi recommended the yoga studio in Berlin, where I met Mika three years later. Call it coincidence, fate, or prevision.

Now, I’m co-owner of ‘futurehippie’ and a yoga teacher myself.

What changed? Almost everything, but now, everything fits together. Not only am I closer to myself, but I also share my passion for yoga and see how people enjoy their own practice.

That’s the beauty of yoga – helping your students to get in touch with their needs, their bodies, and focusing on themselves  – raising awareness for more mindfulness in their everyday lives!

If you are thinking about becoming a yoga teacher, ask yourself these questions:

Why do you want to train?

Is your goal to deepen your knowledge about yoga and a yogic lifestyle? Understand the coherences between asanas, breathing, and meditation? Develop and improve your daily self-practice? Are you up to making the next big step to sharing your love for yoga with students?

Whatever it is that drives you, make sure the course covers the knowledge you’d love to learn and meets your expectations!

What techniques, styles, and practices do you want to learn?

When it comes to a yogic lifestyle, there is more to learn than “just“ asanas. There are spiritual, philosophical, and historical understandings to dive into. Or maybe you want to learn more about reiki and chakras at the teacher training. Which style would you like to practice? Hatha? Vinyasa? Ashtanga? Aerial?

What values does the yoga school teach and do they reflect yours?

Let’s ask a basic question: Do you feel the intentions of the school are always honest? This is an excellent opportunity to start tapping into your intuition to make decisions that serve you.

Are you open to challenging yourself and changing your routine?

Training to become a yoga teacher is a transformative journey, and it will affect you mentally, spiritually, and definitely physically. You’re welcome to learn, grow, and accept yourself. You will meet beautiful souls all on their own journey, with different levels, beliefs, and backgrounds. Share your experiences during this challenging training with them, and you might find friends for a lifetime.

If you’re interested, take a look at our website to find out more about our 200H teacher training.


Much love